Thursday, January 6, 2011

We'll end where we started...

Shalom friends,

Here's how it is. For a while now we've wanted to end this blog. We came up with a great idea of making a spoof on the Maccabeans video and making a Stollel version to go out with a bang. That, however, is not going to happen because nobody has time for such things. If you want, you can imagine the video in your head. It was going to be a similar set up of the different boxes with different Stollelnicks in each box and a chorus of Tzidkas Azriel singing: 'I throw my peyos in the air sometimes.' Other shots included Gaby in the mikveh (above the shoulders of course), Zev NaNaching in the street, and other bearded, sidelocked, creatures doing things. It also would have incorporated videos from the past 2 1/2 years throughout the video. K. There is the final video.

The blog is not ending as a result of the many people asking me to always post things (though it's certainly a part of it) but rather because the founders of the Kollel Tamid blog felt that the blog had completed it's task and had reached it's end. We opt for the burn out over the fade away.

So this is how it's going to be. With much persistence from alicht2, as well as following the path of Jawbone Valley, we are moving to Twitter. Everyone can follow us over there and any announcements will be made there and sent to all followers. For example, if there is a minyan on a given day, we will send out a tweet: "Happy Minyan: 7:30 in Muss Quiet Room tomorrow morning!" If there is a gathering on a random night: "Gathering in MTA Basement with Rebbe Reichman and friends! 10:30 Tonight!" You get the idea.

Now, as opposed to Jawbone Valley which totally abandoned the blog after the Twitter-shift, the blog will still be up and used only for posts that require an actual blog (i.e. videos of Zev.) When such a post is added to the blog, we'll tweet: "New Video on Blog." The point is, essentially, you never have to check the blog again unless tweeted about because there will be nothing new.

With all that being said, we'll end where we started...


11 Shevat-17 Shevat 5771
January 16-January 22 2010
We will be learning Meseches Bikkurim this year.

1) The first day is Sunday. It is the day of ZPomerantz's wedding in Baltimore. Stollel will be open but I assume a bunch of people will be at the wedding.
2) Rabbi Judah Mischel of the Genesis Center will be joining for a guest lecture Monday morning.
3) Rav Avraham Schorr will be saying at the Stollel on Thursday Morning (11 AM).
4) Rebbe Reichman hopes to hold a Tu B'Shvat tish on whatever night that may be (Wednesday, I think)
5) Other speakers include HaRav Roberts of Yeshiva Gedolah (no tape recorders), The Springfielder Rav, and many others.


7:00 - Bus to the Mikveh
7:30 - Pre-Shacharis Chassidus
8:00 - Shacharis
9:00 - Breakfast
9:30 - Opening Meseches Bikkurim remarks/Morning Seder
12:00 - Bikkurim Chabura #1
1:00 - Lunch/Break
3:15 - Mincha
3:40 - Mussar Seder
4:00 - Afternoon Seder
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - 9:00 - Night Seder / Guest Shiur
10:00 - Ma'ariv
11:15 - (Shneur Zalman's) Seder Niggunim
12:07 - Chatzos

It's possible there will be other updates to add to the Stollel schedule so maybe check back to the lower half of this post in a while. Take care.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Return of the Minyan...THIS THURSDAY

In case you haven't realized, there have been less crazies around this year then in the past. Some of that has to do with people getting married, some of that has to do with people moving to Eretz Yisrael, some of it simply unexplainable.

But this Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Shevat, they all come back to town...

The return of the
and of course everyone else!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things to know about...

Things to know about in the order which they will happen...

1) TONIGHT (Tuesday)
Something at Moonbaz's. Not sure what. Know it includes beer and a rabbi from Israel. If you're reading about this here you probably know more then I.

2) The President's Return
You thought you knew him...but that was before Sulam Ya'akov. BAH BAH BAH!

3) Wedding to a Girl!
January 16th, 2011 - 2 PM - Somewhere in Baltimore
ZPom and Penina Yaffa
(may or may not feature a guest appearance by Bouncing Moshe from Spanish Harlem)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chaim Yissachar UPDATE

As many of you know, Chaim Feigenbaum is being treated for Leukemia at Sloan Kettering.

Chaim will need blood and or platelet transfusions over the course of the next several months and blood bank is being set up for donations that will specifically be used for him.

Chaim's blood type is A+. Anyone with A+, A-, O+ or O- is a match for him. For platelet donations blood type does not need to match.

Anyone that does not have a matching blood type for him, can still donate to the general ChaiLifeline blood bank to be for other Jewish patients which is a huge kiddush Hashem.

If you are available to donate, please reply to Esti at ChaiLifeline
or text or call 646-530-3507

Just tell her that you want to donate for Chaim (Marc) Feigenbaum and she will get back to you and let you know all the details.

Thank you and tizku l'mitzvot!

If anyone as any questions about this or anything else relating to Chaim , you can email Alisa Weinberg

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Live from Kibbutz Moshiach (Part 2)

Not much going on these days and I spend most of my time in Kibbutz Moshiach so that's the source of most of these posts.

There I was, sitting at my table in the kibbutz and trying to study, when all of a sudden I heard screaming across the hall from HaRav Shmuel's room. It didn't sound like regular old screaming. It was a screaming that sounded familiar, a little too familiar these days...

A gutten Shabbos to one and all.
Chopstix's thing Motzei Shabbos. 8 PM in נאות דשא
1/3 of Tzavei, 1/3 of Ta Shma, and an Albert expected to play

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Progression of a Chopstick...

The Progression of a Chopstick...
2000 and something until the Present

As a young man with grand entrepreneurial ideas and dreams...

In his days on the high sea/Lipa days...

At his first Tzavei gig...

In his weird "dress-up" stage...

His "gangster" days...

His professional Baseball days...

His days at the racetracks...

His streetball days at 'The Cage'...

In his creepy 5c days...

And now they say he's engaged to be married. We didn't have live cameras at the proposal but we got a photograph. He went with the 'marry me or else' proposal...

Mazel Toff to ShiaZ & Rebbetzin Miriam Stavsky, the entire Stollel Community, and all of Israel on this wondrous occasion!

Celebratory Gathering:

Motzei Shabbos VaYechi, Dec. 18th 8 P.M.
Shomrei Torah: 19-10 Morlot Avenue in Fairlawn, NJ
All are invited.

Marriage to a girl to take place bi'ezras Hashem in Eretz Yisrael on the 8th of Adar II. More details to follow.

For those interested in catching a good show, there will be a different reunion concert/l'chaim featuring 1/3 of Tzavei and 1/2 of 2/3 of Tzavei this Motzei Shabbos in Woodmere. Call me for more details (but don't really.)